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Our Services

Tax Overages

Tax overages, also known as tax surplus are the remaining funds payable to the previous owner when a tax foreclosure auction occurs. It can be a lengthy process that requires going through proper channels in court and retaining an attorney to file the proper paperwork. We are here to help people get the money that is owed to them and charge a finders fee for our services.

Real Estate Wholesaling


Real estate wholesaling is a strategy in which a wholesaler obtains a contract on a property with its seller, and in turn sells the contract to an investor. Wholesalers start by looking for a discounted property to put under contract.


Real estate wholesalers will often look for distressed properties priced below market value. These properties usually need quite a bit of work, and the owner is often motivated to sell and isn’t interested in working with a real estate agent.

Unclaimed State Funds


Unclaimed state funds are forgotten money from individuals. Bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, money orders, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, escrow accounts go unclaimed. We discover these unclaimed funds for you and help you recover money you didn't know was owed to you. That's what we do!

What Our Clients Say

Maggie Kahn


Lead Consultant


Our lead consultant, Maggie Kahn, will give you the advice you need. She is an seasoned Tax Consultant of 20 years who's passion for helping others shines through.

Carl McCarthy


Financial Advisor


Carl McCarthy, our lead Financial Advisor, has 15 years of experience. He's advised countless couples and companies setting them up for financial success.

Alex Boyd


Tax Consultant


Alex Boyd has been on our team since 2008. She's consulted with many high profile companies such as Coke a Cola and Nike, but serves her individual clients with the same level of effort.

Signing a Contract

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston Churchill

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